Do You Have Enough Insurance?

Insurance is about protecting yourself and your family, or your business, from a loss from which you wouldn’t otherwise be able to financially recover.

However, many Kenyans don’t have enough insurance, and unfortunately don’t realize this until it’s too late.

Under-insurance or non-insurance can happen because some people don’t properly value their assets. You can minimize your risk of being under-insured by taking some sensible steps.

Sometimes people are under-insured or don’t have insurance at all because they think insurance is not affordable or accessible, they don’t consider their assets worth insuring, they don’t understand how insurance works, or they believe they can self-insure.

When purchasing or renewing insurance it’s important to strike a balance and make sure that you make an informed choice.

Consider what would happen to your life and your family if you didn’t have insurance and your property is badly damaged or destroyed. How would you rebuild?

If something unexpected happened, such as a fire, how would you replace your clothes, furniture, white goods and electronic items without the help of insurance? Would you have enough savings, or would you have to rely on family, friends and charities to recover?

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