In the realm of commercial and mechanized farming, the use of specialized machinery is essential for efficient operations.


We offer Agricultural Vehicles insurance to protect farming machinery such as tractors, combine harvesters and other relevant equipment used in agricultural activities.


This policy also extends coverage to include ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles), quad bikes and motor vehicles specifically used on the farm.

Scope of Coverage

This policy covers a variety of agricultural vehicles used in farming operations, including but not limited to:


Essential for various farming tasks such as plowing, planting and harvesting.

Combine Harvesters

Used for harvesting grains and other crops.

ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles)

Used for tasks like herding livestock, inspecting fields and transporting small loads.

Quad Bikes

Useful for maneuvering across diverse terrains on the farm.

Motor Vehicles

When used exclusively for farm-related activities.

Cover Benefits

  • Accidental Damage

    Protection against damages resulting from accidents during farming operations

  • Theft

    Coverage in case of theft of agricultural vehicles

  • Fire Damage

    Protection against damages caused by accidental fires

  • Third-Party Liability

    Covers damages to third-party property or bodily injury caused by agricultural vehicles

  • Accessories Coverage

    Protection for accessories and attachments used with the insured vehicles

Type of cover

Third Party Only

Third Party Fire & Theft (TPF & T)

Comprehensive Plan


Applicable, min. applies

Applicable, min. applies

Policy Excess

Third Party


Applicable, min. applies

Applicable, min. applies

Material Damage

Applicable, min. applies

Applicable, min. applies

Young and/or inexperienced drivers

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