Group Funeral Cover is an insurance policy designed to provide financial support to employees and their families in the event of death, ensuring that funeral expenses are covered without placing a burden on surviving family members.


Our Group Funeral Cover is designed to provide prompt and flexible financial assistance during difficult times, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Cover Benefits

Generous Lump Sum Payout

Receive a substantial lump sum to cover funeral expenses upon the death of a covered member, spouse, children or other eligible relatives

Inclusive Protection

Coverage extends to the main insured, spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law, ensuring comprehensive family protection

Financial Security

Ease the financial burden of funeral costs, offering support and stability for surviving family members

Customizable Coverage

Employers and groups can tailor the plan to cover members only or extend coverage to dependents, including parents and parents-in-law. Coverage can be extended up to age 24 for full-time student children

Quick Payout

Benefits are disbursed within 48 hours of claim submission, providing swift financial support when it’s needed most

Documents required for Onboarding

  • Executed scheme proposal form

  • Copy of certificate of incorporation/registration

  • Copy of KRA PIN

  • Membership data including full names, dates of birth and ID numbers

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