We provide comprehensive motorcycle insurance policies designed for private motorcycles and motorized three-wheelers, excluding ‘boda-boda’. This cover is tailored to protect motorcycle and motorized three-wheelers owners against various risks and liabilities associated with owning and operating a motorcycle and motorized three-wheelers for social, domestic and pleasure purposes.


It ensures that the owners are financially protected against unforeseen events that could result in damage to their motorcycle or liabilities towards third parties.

Scope of Coverage

The Motorcycle Insurance policy covers the following:

Motorcycle Damages

Coverage for damages to the motorcycle resulting from accidents.

Theft of Motorcycle

Protection in case of theft of the insured motorcycle.

Damage Due to Accidental Fire

Coverage for damages caused to the motorcycle due to accidental fires.

Damage to Third-Party Property

Protection against liabilities for damages to third-party properties caused by the insured motorcycle.

Bodily Harm to Third Parties

Coverage for bodily injuries caused to third parties due to accidents involving the insured motorcycle.

Legal Fees

Coverage for legal fees incurred due to third-party claims against the insured.


Used as Public Service Vehicle

The policy excludes motorcycles used for commercial purposes such as ‘boda-boda’ services.

Cover Benefits

  • Indemnity

    Compensation for loss of or damage to the motorcycle, including accessories and spare parts, due to covered events

  • Accidents and Collisions

    Coverage for accidents caused by collisions, as well as mechanical breakdown of the motorcycle

  • Fire and Theft

    Protection against damages due to fires, explosions, self-ignition, lightning, burglary, housebreaking or theft

  • Malicious Acts

    Coverage for damages caused by malicious acts directed towards the insured motorcycle

Our Motorcycle Insurance policy is designed to provide peace of mind by offering comprehensive protection against a wide range of risks.

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