Our Goods in Transit Cover ensures protection for merchandise and other inventories while they are in transit from the seller’s premises to the agreed point of delivery to the buyer. This insurance safeguards against various risks such as loss, destruction or damage to goods during transportation by road or rail.

Whether you opt for an Open Cover or Specific Cover, Cannon General Insurance offers tailored solutions to meet your needs. 

Scope of Coverage

Goods in Transit Cover includes the following key aspects

Coverage Extension

Protects against loss or damage caused by fire, theft, or accidental means while goods are in transit.

Transit Modes

Applies to goods transported by road or rail, ensuring comprehensive protection throughout the journey.

Temporary Storage

Covers goods while temporarily housed during transit, providing continuity of coverage even when goods are not actively moving.

Cover Benefits

The policy provides compensation for loss or damage resulting from various risks, including but not limited to either

  • Fire

    Damage caused by fire during transit

  • Collision

    Damage due to collision involving the transporting vehicle

  • Accidental Overturning

    Coverage for damage when the vehicle transporting goods overturns accidentally

  • Derailment

    Protection against goods damaged during rail derailment

  • Water/Rain Damage

    Compensation for damage caused by water or rain during transit

  • Theft

    Losses due to theft of goods while in transit

Additional Considerations

  • Open Cover vs. Specific Cover

    Choose between an Open Cover, which anticipates the total number of transits in a year (adjustable based on actual declarations) or a Specific Cover tailored for declared consignments before transit

  • Customizable Solutions

    Cannon General Insurance offers flexible options to meet specific transit needs, ensuring peace of mind for businesses involved in regular transportation of goods

Ensure your goods are protected throughout their journey with Goods in Transit Cover from Cannon General Insurance.

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