Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime and often when we least expect them. While we can’t always prevent accidents, we can prepare for them with the right insurance. Cannon General Insurance offers a quality, affordable and easily accessible Personal Accident Cover designed to provide immediate financial support for medical care following an accident. Whether it’s a kitchen mishap, a fall down the stairs or a car accident, this cover is ideal for individuals, families and groups.

Scope of Coverage

This is a 24-hour policy that covers accidental bodily injury leading to death or disability for the insured, arising from insured perils.

Cover Benefits

  • In case of Death

    A beneficiary will receive the specified limits or multiples of the annual salary in the event of the insured person’s death.

  • In case of Permanent Total Disablement

    Coverage for total and absolute disablement preventing the insured from engaging in or attending to their usual occupation.

  • In case of Temporary Total Disability

    Coverage for temporary disablement from engaging in or attending to the insured person’s usual occupation, with a maximum fixed duration.

  • Medical Expenses

    Coverage includes operation fees, cost of surgical appliances, dental, ophthalmic or nursing home charges and traveling expenses, including ambulance costs, reasonably incurred by the insured due to injury.

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