Our Public Liability Cover offers essential protection for business owners and shareholders against financial losses arising from claims filed by third parties for injury or property damage.


Operating a business involves inherent risks and this cover ensures that you are safeguarded against legal liabilities that may result from incidents at your premises or during the normal course of your business operations.

Scope of Coverage

Public Liability Cover includes the following key features

Legal Liability Protection

Covers the insured person or organization against legal claims and liabilities arising from:

  • Death or bodily injury to third parties
  • Loss of or damage to third-party property

Defense Costs

Covers the costs of defending against lawsuits brought by third parties, including legal fees and settlement charges


It’s important to note that intentional damage or injury and losses under contractual obligations are generally excluded from coverage

Cover Benefits

  • Financial Protection

    Ensures financial compensation for damages, legal defense fees and settlement costs arising from covered claims

  • Peace of Mind

    Provides peace of mind knowing that your business is protected against unexpected liabilities that could result in significant financial losses

Additional Considerations

Risk Management

Enhance workplace safety measures to mitigate potential risks and minimize the likelihood of employee injuries or illnesses


Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations to further protect your business and employees

Protect your business from financial liabilities with our Public Liability Cover

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