Our Employer’s Liability Cover is designed to protect employers from potential financial losses arising from legal claims made by employees for work-related injuries or illnesses.


Despite implementing rigorous safety measures, accidents and illnesses can still occur, leading to costly litigation. Our comprehensive cover ensures that your business is safeguarded against these financial risks.

Scope of Coverage

Employer’s Liability Cover includes the following key features

Legal Liability Coverage

Protects employers under common law against claims for damages and expenses brought by employees due to injury or illness sustained in the course of their employment

Proof of Negligence

Requires employees to demonstrate that their injury or illness was caused by the employer’s negligence for the cover to apply

Cover Benefits

  • Legal Costs

    Expenses incurred in defending against claims made by employees

  • Damages

    Compensation payments awarded to employees for injuries or illnesses proven to be caused by the employer's negligence

  • Medical Expenses

    Reimbursement for reasonable medical expenses related to the injury or illness of employees

Additional Considerations

Employer’s Liability Cover includes the following key features

Risk Management

Enhance workplace safety measures to mitigate potential risks and minimize the likelihood of employee injuries or illnesses


Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations to further protect your business and employees

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