Combined Solution Cover is a comprehensive insurance policy that integrates multiple types of insurance coverage into a single package, offering businesses enhanced convenience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in managing their insurance needs.


Our Combined Solution Cover integrates Group Life, Group Personal Accident and WIBA (Work Injury Benefits Act) covers into a single, robust policy, ensuring holistic protection and compliance with legal requirements.

Scope of Coverage

The Ultimate All-in-One Protection Plan

Comprehensive Coverage: Seamlessly combines Group Life, Group Personal Accident and WIBA covers, providing extensive protection for your employees.

WIBA Compliant: Fully adheres to WIBA regulations, ensuring legal compliance and peace of mind

Robust Protection

Inclusive Safety Net: Offers comprehensive liability coverage for death from natural, accidental or occupational causes, safeguarding your workforce in all scenarios

Flexible and Competitive Pricing

Tailored Rates: Benefit from competitive pricing based on a schedule or agreed rates, ensuring affordability and value

Documents required for Onboarding

  • Executed scheme proposal form

  • Copy of certificate of incorporation/registration

  • Copy of KRA PIN

  • Membership data including full names, dates of birth, ID numbers and individual salaries

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