At Cannon General Insurance, we understand the importance of protecting your business from unexpected events. Our Fire Material Damage cover is designed to safeguard your business against a wide range of fire-related losses and risks.

Here's how we keep your business secure

Comprehensive Fire Protection

Our policy covers damages caused by fire, explosions and even earthquakes.

Additional Coverage

Stay protected from bush fires, storms, aircraft impacts, subterranean fires and more.

Wide-Ranging Risk Coverage

We also cover damages from water, riots and other impactful events.

Scope of Coverage

Our Fire Material Damage policy offers robust protection for your business, ensuring you receive compensation for a wide range of fire-related damages. This coverage includes

Buildings and Outbuildings

Protecting your primary and additional structures.

Stock in Trade

Covering your inventory from fire damage.

Plant and Machinery

Securing your essential equipment.

Fixtures and Fittings

Safeguarding the details of your business environment.

Bush Fires

Secure your property from damage caused by wildfires.

Storms, Tempests and Floods

Ensure coverage against severe weather conditions.

Impact from Road Vehicles, Horses or Animals

Protect your property from damages caused by external impacts (excluding your own vehicles or those under your control).

Subterranean Fire

Stay covered from underground fire risks.

Specific causes of damage covered

  • Fire and lightning

  • Explosion of gas or boilers used for domestic purposes

  • Impact by moving objects

  • Aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped on the property

  • Riots, strikes and malicious damage

  • Water damage from bursting or overflowing water tanks, apparatus or pipes

Whether it’s reimbursement or repair, our Fire Material Damage Cover ensures your business can continue to operate smoothly after an incident. With Cannon General Insurance, you can focus on your business knowing your property is protected.

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