• 1967
Our unique history began on April 7, 1967, with the incorporation of International Life Insurance Company (Kenya) Limited, a branch of the UK-based International Life Insurance Company. The headquarters were established in the iconic International Life House building on Mama Ngina Street in Nairobi’s Central Business District.


  • 1974
International Life Insurance Company of the UK chose to close its international operations. As a result, International Life Insurance Company (Kenya) Limited rebranded to Cannon Assurance (Kenya) Limited and became locally owned, with the business focusing primarily on individual life products.

Product Diversification

  • 1984
Cannon Assurance (Kenya) Limited broadened its product offering by introducing non-life insurance products to the market. This strategic expansion enabled the company to offer a diverse range of life and general insurance solutions, catering to both individual and corporate clients.
Late 1980's (1987/1988)

Headquarters Relocation

  • Late 1980's (1987/1988)
Cannon Assurance (Kenya) Limited acquired the Cannon House building located on Nairobi's Haile Selassie Avenue. This allowed the company to relocate its head office to the 5th and 6th floors of Cannon House while also establishing a branch on the 2nd floor of the same building. At the time, this strategic move provided Cannon Assurance with a more prominent and centralized location along the CBD, enhancing its accessibility to clients in the bustling heart of Nairobi. Although this area was once considered a prime location, the commercial landscape of Nairobi has since evolved.

Cannon Asset Management Incorporation

  • 1989
Cannon Managers Limited was incorporated on the 29th day of September.

Metropolitan Life Incorporation

  • 2005
Metropolitan Life Kenya, (a subsidiary of South African based Momentum Metropolitan Holdings) was incorporated, offering primarily life insurance solutions to retail and corporate clients.


  • 2007
Cannon Managers Limited was renamed to Cannon Asset Managers Limited in April, with its principal activity to manage assets and funds on behalf of investors.


  • 2009
To reflect its vision of expanding beyond Kenya into the East African market, the company dropped the "Kenya" from its name and rebranded to Cannon Assurance Limited. This rebranding came with a refreshed logo and vision, signalling a renewed commitment to growth and innovation across the region.


  • Feb 2014
As part of its expansion strategy, South African-based financial services group, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited (MMH) announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Cannon Assurance Limited’ in order to leverage on Cannon’s wider Kenyan presence and well-developed local brand, with Cannon gaining access to MMI’s large international brand, overall expertise and technical capabilities.
Feb 2014
Nov 2014


  • Nov 2014
The acquisition of Cannon Assurance Limited was concluded. Cannon Assurance Limited merged with Metropolitan Life Kenya, with the life insurance licenses consolidated into one and the general license retained in a separate company. This resulted in the birth of the entities: Metropolitan Cannon Life Assurance Limited and Metropolitan Cannon General Insurance Limited.


  • 2015
Following the acquisition, the new brand Metropolitan Cannon was launched, incorporating Metropolitan Cannon Life Assurance Limited and Metropolitan Cannon General Insurance Limited.

Local Acquisition

  • 2022
A consortium of longstanding local shareholders, committed to the long-term growth of the Group, acquired MMH’s stake in the two Kenyan businesses: Metropolitan Cannon General Insurance Limited and Metropolitan Cannon Life Assurance Limited.


  • 22 July 2022
Momentum Metropolitan Holdings (MMH) concluded its exit transaction, selling its stake in Metropolitan Cannon General Insurance Limited and Metropolitan Cannon Life Assurance Limited.
22 July 2022
October 2022

Rebranding and Evolution

  • October 2022
The companies which form part of Cannon Group were rebranded and renamed Cannon General Insurance (K) Limited and Cannon Life Assurance (K) Limited reflecting their new ownership and the vision. This resulted in a refreshed new logo.

Our Mission

To offer innovative and accessible financial solutions through partnerships that deliver value and exceed stakeholder expectations.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of superior financial solutions that fulfill the needs of our communities.

Our Values


As a company we strive to work with integrity to ensure trust is transmitted as an outcome of our service offering, which is our aspired competitive advantage.


In our manner and disposition, we work to differentiate our product and service by being detail oriented and passionately consumer centric.


In our dealings with our clients, we always seek to deliver superior solutions by continuously innovating with our consumer in mind and their needs at heart.


As we engage with others, we constantly seek to break down silos and create bridges of partnership with our stakeholders and our customers so as to deliver superior value.


As team members and team players, we strive to understand each other in order to create connections that bind us to our mission and our committed service to our customers.