In today’s technology-driven world, electronic equipment is vital in various settings such as schools, offices, hospitals, airports and other institutions. Due to their essential role and fragile nature, specialized insurance is necessary.


We offer an Electronic Equipment Cover that provides protection against accidental physical loss or damage, including mechanical and electrical breakdowns, installation and peripheral equipment such as computers and air conditioning units.


This policy can also be extended to cover theft if it is not already included in a specific theft policy.

Scope of Coverage

This policy offers indemnity for losses resulting from


Actual breaking, distortion or electrical burnout while in use or at rest

Accidental Damage

Sudden and unforeseen losses arising from:

    • Fire and lightning
    • Theft
    • Earthquake
    • Malicious damage
    • Riots, strikes and civil commotions

Note: This policy covers electronic equipment while it is on the premises only. Laptops and other mobile equipment are not covered under this policy but can be insured under the All-Risks Policy.


  • Indemnity for Data-Carrying Media

    Covers damage to data-carrying media such as tapes and cables resulting from any of the specified perils

  • Reimbursement of Additional Expenses

    Covers additional expenses incurred to reproduce lost data and records following damage to the insured equipment by any of the specified risks

Ensure your critical electronic equipment is protected against unforeseen damages with Cannon General Insurance’s Electronic Equipment Cover.

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