Companies are often vulnerable to significant financial losses due to crimes committed by employees. Indeed, employees represent the highest risk factor contributing to financial losses. To address this, we introduced the Fidelity Guarantee Policy, a specialized risk management tool.


The Fidelity Guarantee Policy provides protection against the loss of money or goods from business premises due to dishonest or fraudulent acts by employees. This cover is available on an accommodation basis, meaning that you must have another insurance portfolio with Cannon General Insurance to qualify.

Scope of Coverage

Your organization is insured against the following risks perpetrated by employees


Coverage for losses due to dishonest actions by employees.


Protection against fraudulent activities committed by staff.

Loss of Property

Insurance against the loss of property, stock and stores caused by employees’ dishonest acts.

Defense Costs, Judgments and Settlements

These can be included at an additional premium according to the terms of the contract.

With our Fidelity Guarantee Policy, your business can mitigate the risk of internal theft and fraud, ensuring financial stability and peace of mind.

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