Accidents can happen anywhere, especially in the workplace, often with severe consequences. To safeguard employees’ welfare, employers can opt for Group Personal Accident (GPA) Cover, which functions similarly to individual Personal Accident Cover but is paid for by the company.


Unlike the Work Injury Benefits Act or Employers Liability policy, which typically covers employees only during specific work hours, GPA provides comprehensive 24-hour coverage.

Scope of Coverage

This policy insures against accidents that may occur

At work

At home

While traveling

During recreation

The coverage can also be customized as an occupational-only personal accident cover, focusing solely on accidents arising during employment. Injuries are assessed against a defined industry-accepted scale.

Cover Benefits

  • Capital Sum Benefit

    Lump sum paid in the event of death or permanent total disablement

  • Estimated Annual Earnings

    Benefits may be calculated as multiples of the insured person's annual salary

  • Weekly Benefits

    Paid for a specified period in case of temporary total disablement, where the insured person is unable to work

  • Medical Expenses

    Reimbursement for medical costs such as operation fees, surgical appliances, dental, ophthalmic or nursing home charges, as well as ambulance expenses incurred due to injury

  • Death

    Payment of specified limits or multiples of annual salary to beneficiaries in case of the insured person's death

  • Permanent Total Disablement

    Compensation for total and absolute disablement preventing engagement in the insured person's usual occupation

  • Temporary Total Disablement

    Benefits for disablement that wholly prevents the insured person from working temporarily

  • Medical Expenses

    Comprehensive coverage for necessary medical treatments and associated costs

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