Marine Hull Insurance provides coverage for vessels such as ships, boats, yachts and other seagoing vessels. It specifically covers the hull (body or frame of the ship) and protects against physical damage, loss and attendant liabilities that may arise during maritime operations.

Scope of Coverage

Marine Hull Insurance typically covers the following aspects related to the insured vessel

Hull Coverage

Protection for the physical structure of the vessel itself, including the hull, superstructure and any permanently attached machinery and equipment.

Machinery Coverage

Insurance against damage or breakdown of the vessel’s machinery and propulsion systems.

Stores and Provisions

Coverage for the materials, stores and provisions kept onboard for the officers and crew.


Protection against certain liabilities that may arise, such as collision liabilities with other vessels, damage to docks or other property or injuries to crew members or third parties.

Cover Benefits

Marine Hull Insurance typically provides coverage for the following perils

  • Maritime Perils

    Includes risks such as fire, collision with other vessels or objects, stranding (running aground), sinking and grounding

  • Additional Perils

    May include coverage for latent defects in machinery, accidents during loading or discharging cargo and other specified risks

  • Construction Risks

    Some policies may extend coverage to vessels under construction, starting from keel laying (the beginning of construction) until delivery to the owners

Additional considerations

Coverage terms and conditions may vary based on

          • The type and size of the vessel.
          • The intended use of the vessel (e.g., commercial shipping, pleasure craft).
          • The navigational limits (i.e., where the vessel will operate).

Ensure your maritime assets are adequately protected with Cannon General Insurance’s Marine Hull Insurance.

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