Plate glass, named for its manufacturing process, refers to large sheets of flat glass commonly used in doors, mirrors, windows and facades. Cannon General Insurance offers Plate Glass Insurance to protect against the risks associated with breakage of fixed glass in various premises.

Scope of Coverage

This policy covers the breakage of fixed glass in

Sales shops

Commercial and industrial premises

Public buildings

Private dwellings

When insured fixed glass is damaged, the policy compensates for the value of the glass and the cost of temporary solutions until the glass is replaced. The coverage amount is specified by the policyholder and covers liability up to a maximum value.

Cover Benefits

  • Glass Replacement

    Coverage includes the replacement of broken glass

  • Temporary Solutions

    We cover expenses for temporary solutions before the fixed glass is repaired

  • Third-Party Liability

    Expenses incurred by third parties due to damage caused by the insured glass are also covered under the policy

If you choose to extend the policy to include riots and strikes, an additional premium will be charged to provide comprehensive protection.

Protect your property with Cannon General Insurance’s Plate Glass Insurance and ensure peace of mind against unexpected glass breakage incidents.

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