Group Mortgage Insurance is a specialized insurance product designed to protect lending institutions from financial losses arising from defaults on mortgage loans.


Our Group Mortgage Insurance is tailored for lending institutions, providing affordable and essential protection against unforeseen events for both lenders and borrowers.

Scope of Coverage

Why choose our policy

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Specifically designed for lending institutions, our policy offers affordable protection for mortgage loans, personal loans, installment finance, overdraft facilities, and credit card usage
  • Streamlined Process: The lending institution acts as the policy proposer, simplifying setup and management

Easy Enrollment for Borrowers

  • Simple Signup: Borrowers join effortlessly by completing application forms
  • Direct Benefits: Benefits are paid directly to the lending institution, ensuring seamless financial operations

Comprehensive Coverage

• Wide-Ranging Protection: Covers death and permanent disability, with Cannon offsetting the outstanding loan balance, providing security for both lenders and borrowers

Tailored Coverage Options

        • Mortgage Loans: Protection for loans used to purchase immovable property, such as homes
        • Personal Loans: Security for personal loans used for specific needs, like property purchases
        • Installment Finance: Coverage for high-value items purchased on monthly installments, such as vehicles
        • Overdraft Facilities: Protection for bank overdraft facilities offered by commercial banks
        • Credit Card Cover: Safeguarding credit card facilities provided by commercial banks or other revolving credit purchase facilities

Documents required for Onboarding

  • Executed scheme proposal form

  • Copy of certificate of incorporation/registration

  • Copy of KRA PIN

  • For business loans, the CR12 will be required

  • Loanee data including full names, dates of birth, ID/passport numbers, loan amounts, loan periods and interest rates

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