Keyman Insurance is a specialized type of life insurance taken out by a business on the life of a key employee or employees. It is designed to financially protect the business against the loss of key personnel who are crucial to the company’s success and profitability.


Keyman Insurance is a strategic necessity for forward-thinking businesses. It ensures preparedness for unforeseen events, safeguarding operations and maintaining financial stability.

Who is the Keyman?  

A Keyman is any individual critical to your company’s success and profit generation, including:


• Executive Roles: Executive Chairman, Managing Director, CEO


• Sales and Marketing Heads: Revenue-driving professional


• IT and Finance Directors: Essential for operational success


• Product Development Heads: Crucial for innovation and growth

Types of Keyman Insurance

Profit Protection

Provides a cash sum to maintain profits and cover training and recruitment costs

Corporate Loan and Overdraft Protection

Allocates funds for repaying company debt, particularly crucial for directors with personal guarantees or second mortgages

Ownership Protection

Pays out a cash sum to buy out the deceased or incapacitated director’s or partner’s shareholding

Cover Benefits

Immediate Cash Injection

Profit Protection

Temporary Staffing

Recruitment Costs

Debt Repayment

Share Purchase

Documents required for Onboarding

  • Executed proposal form

  • Copy of certificate of incorporation/registration

  • Copy of KRA PIN

  • Copy of the CR12

  • Copy of ID/Passport

  • Proof of Keymanship

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