We Are A Family

Our people work passionately towards the secure future of all our customer’s. For us, it is never just about the solutions we provide. But improving the quality of lives for Kenyans, from daily-unforeseen risks.

We understand that people, and relationships, are what really matter. Whether you are taking out a general insurance policy or simply looking to save a little for retirement, the reason you are trying to secure your financial future is probably to look after those that you love.

Our staff are all driven by compassion - they really want to help you find a point where you find real peace of mind.

We also take care of our employees, empowering them to build a career across a variety of fields. If you like to protect and nurture others and are excited to join a team that really cares, then contact us via jobs@cannon.co.ke

Welcome to Cannon Careers

We serve the financial needs of our customers. We invest our time and energy in understanding the unique needs and circumstances of our clients so that we can be a part of, and play a role in, their journey towards financial wellness.

Start your career path or further your expertise as an experienced professional in one of the diverse, exciting fields we offer - Finance, IT, actuarial science, law, human resources and many more.

Working at  Cannon

Our people find it meaningful to work for a company that really cares for the overall wellness of its clients.

Our company belongs to all of our employees. We expect our people to respect and grow the brand's reputation, to cherish its identity, to be proud, get involved and to stay involved. Cannon is made up of its people - it belongs to all of us. We're very proud of our legacy and our promise, and rely on our people to build and improve our reputation.

We're passionate about growing our business and providing stimulating, varied opportunities for our employees to grow as professionals in a challenging, dynamic environment.

Improving the lives of our clients

Our clients are at the core of everything we do and we are motivated by the daily opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. We help people bury their loved ones with dignity.

We help them improve the lives of their children through education savings. We provide protection in times of emergency or health scares. We give them the peace of mind that their families will be taken care of. Through our personalized solutions, we help our clients build and leave a lasting legacy.

Improving the lives of our communities

We are also driven to uplift the communities in which we do business through our CSI sponsorships, which focus on health, conservation among others.

We believe that the journey to economic prosperity begins with empowering Kenyans to confidently shape their own futures and we are committed to providing the support needed to achieve this.

We believe in developing partnerships that actively contribute towards employment, increasing wealth and addressing some of the key challenges we face as a country.

Our employees are important

We believe in making a difference in the lives of our employees by investing in their personal development and offering excellent benefits and growth opportunities.

We recognize and reward our employees for excellence and integrity.
We encourage freedom with accountability and allow employees to be innovative and to bring diversity into their teams.

Our Learning Philosophy

We are committed to unlocking leadership at all levels, which inspires our team to be the very best they can be.

This is achieved by practicing our learning philosophy, which is as follows:
By taking collective ownership, we aspire to a culture where learning is driven by the employee and guided by leadership. We embrace the fact that learning happens anywhere and at any time. Our learning solutions are designed to meet specific business objectives.

Vision Statement

To be the leading provider of superior financial solutions that fulfill the needs of our  communities.

Mission Statement

To offer innovative and accessible financial solutions through partnerships that deliver value and exceed stakeholder expectations.

Our Values

(i)      Integrity

As a company we strive to work with integrity to ensure trust is transmitted as an outcome of our service offering, which is our aspired competitive advantage.

(ii)    Diligence

In our manner and disposition, we work to differentiate our product and service by being detail oriented and obsessively consumer centric.

(iii)  Innovation

In our dealings with our clients, we always seek to deliver superior solutions by continuously innovating with our consumer in mind and their needs at heart.

(iv)  Collaboration

As we engage with others, we constantly seek to break down silos and create bridges of partnership with our stakeholders and our customers so as to deliver superior value.

(v)    Empathy

As team members and team players, we strive to understand each other in order to create connections that bind us to our mission and our committed service to our customers.

Career Opportunity

Cannon Group is seeking to fill the below listed position with a dynamic, forward-thinking achiever with expertise in software development. If the position described below fits your skills and ambitions, we will be excited to hear from you.