On June 5th, we proudly hosted the inaugural session of our Agents Accelerator Breakfast series at our Central Business District Branch, located in Eco Bank Towers on Muindi Mbingu Street.

This exciting new initiative is designed to offer regular training sessions for our business partners, enhancing their understanding of our products and creating an open forum for feedback and interaction.

The day began with a delightful breakfast spread, offering our partners a perfect opportunity to network and start the day on a positive note. The relaxed atmosphere helped set the stage for a productive and engaging session.

Dennis Mutonyi, one of our Business Development Team Leaders, led the training session. He provided comprehensive insights and practical knowledge about our Group Life products under our Life Business. His expertise and engaging presentation style ensured that our partners left with a deeper understanding of these essential products.


The event was further enriched by the presence of our heads of distribution for both the General and Life Business. They interacted with attendees, offering their expertise and fostering a collaborative learning environment. The session was designed to be interactive, encouraging active participation and engagement from all partners.

We concluded the session with an open Q&A and feedback forum. Our partners appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts. They expressed their gratitude for organizing the training and commended the company for timely commission payments.


This session marked the beginning of what promises to be an enriching series of events. We are excited to continue the Agents Accelerator Breakfast series, fostering stronger relationships with our business partners through shared knowledge and collaborative growth. Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming sessions and join us as we continue this journey of mutual success.